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When you have used our wallpaper calculator to work out how many rolls of wallpaper you need for you room there are a few more things to remember.

  1. Think about the area in which the paper is going, do you need a heavy-duty paper, washable?
  2. Would having a blown vinyl paper not be a good idea if a cat or dog may scratch at it? Or if the kids damage it?
  3. Do you want a textured finish or smooth, textured and coloured or smooth then painted over such as lining paper?
  4. Ensure all the rolls have the same batch number and colour code on, except papers such as lining paper.
  5. Ensure you have allowed extra rolls for wastage and large repeated patterns (sometimes you only get 3 drops out of a roll rather than 4).
  6. Remember the paste! And get the right paste for the job; does it need to be a ready mixed heavy-duty paste?

To check for the wallpaper symbols you should be looking out for, check out the Property Decorating's wallpaper symbols page.

If you would like us to wallpaper a room for you please contact us to arrange an onsite estimate*.

* Southend area only

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